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Frequently Asked Questions

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

If you have any questions or feedback please do not hesitate to get in touch

How is the report generated?

Report generation is automated once control checks are complete (including apportionment algorithms for fees and preliminaries).

Can I have my own logo on the report?

Yes. Reports can be adapted to have company logos, name, contact details as well as your own disclaimer.

How long can I store my data?

Expected to be fully accessible for 2yrs and then archived for a further 4yrs (so 6yrs in total – longer if needed).

Can I capture information onto FurastaHUB in real time or do I need to wait until my project is complete?

It's entirely up to you, claims are best made on a real time basis and finalised on completion.

Can I use FurastaHUB to let me decide whether I should make a claim or not?

Yes. Its entirely up to you.

Is there anything else like FursataHUB in the market?

No. Certainly nothing as transparent.

What differentiates FurastaHUB from what everyone else does?

The fact it puts clients and advisors back in control.

What training will be available?

We provide a range of training options to suit user needs.

Can the forms be adapted?

Yes, master cost sections can be changed and costs items added if needed.

Is there a quick load function?

Future uploads for smart reallocation have been identified for development.

Are there any limits on data storage?

No, although this will always be under review through our fair use data storage policy.

How secure is the system?

FurastaHUB is written on Ruby on Rails, which is a web application framework. You might not have heard of Ruby on Rails, but you will have heard of some of the other platforms that use it – Airbnb, Groupon, Zendesk, GitHub. Data storage for Ruby on Rails is on Amazon N3.

What is FurastaHUB not suitable for?

Acquisitions, large or very complex construction projects where information is poor and where there is no collective support to work together.


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