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Desk-Top Reports

Our online claim platform is a great tool for professionals to collaborate and prepare desk-top capital allowances claims with support as needed. Use it for training, planning or even to capture actual project costs with dynamic report generation.

The unique cloud based platform guides users through an entitlement framework for a range of construction projects and presents them with a tailored online template where users can see what qualifies with technical guidance, enter costs and generate example reports.

HMRC Compliant

Keep up to date with what qualifies for capital allowances and related tax relief in your construction projects.

Automated Reports

Generate PDF capital allowances reports with white labelling option and CSV back-up at a time to suit you.

Technical Expertise

Get expert technical support to suit your business and project needs.

Commercial Office Fitout - Case Study

First floor fit-out of office accommodation in existing business park by new corporate tenant to provide upgraded accommodation, workstations, flexible desk-space, meeting rooms, break-out areas and enhanced welfare facilities (including furniture and equipment) - all works completed before April 2023.

Project Value: -                                     £351, 240 (excluding VAT)

Year 1 Tax Saving: -                                £67,299 (over 19% of project value)

Potential Life-Time Saving: -                   £77,893

The designers QS used the platform to enter the estimated project costs and generate a summary capital allowances report with guidance on tax savings for discussion with the client as part of overall cost budgeting approval. On completion the project costs were updated and report issued in final.

For more details please contact us.

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