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Supporting investment and growth

Updated: Jul 5, 2020

How do you deliver good client service, maintain a profit, manage risk and provide real demonstrable value? These are questions every business owner asks themselves and at Furasta Consulting we are no different.

Almost every UK business that incurs capital expenditure on building construction or refurbishment will be entitled to a degree of tax relief. Legitimate and often non-contentious relief that is hidden in milestone payments and construction documentation.


We specialise in helping all types of business make tax claims on property expenditure. Every £100,000 identified has the potential to deliver tangible cash savings in the form of reduced corporation tax (up to £19,000) or income tax (up to £45,000).

Finding and delivering value is at the heart of everything we do. However, we want to go further.

Practical knowledge on the intricacies of the tax system and specifically capital allowances and related relief can be difficult to find and costly. Indeed, there are advisors whose business models rely on taking a large slice of any cash saving (in some cases over 20%)


Through our extensive experience of advising businesses, other advisors and negotiating with HM Revenue & Customs we have developed a dedicated web platform FURASTAHUB with the tools and knowledge necessary to make cost effective capital allowances claims a reality.

The system is adapted to suit over 20 different property types including offices, retail shops, distribution centres, care homes, restaurants and car showrooms. All you need are the details of your project expenditure from your builder, surveyor or designer.

We will discuss your needs, create a tailored online project template for you to capture your construction costs, provide ongoing support, review your claim assumptions, benchmark your result and generate a detailed capital allowances report for filing purposes. Only after the process is complete will we charge you the agreed fee.


Tax allowances are designed to reward business investment and we want you to retain as much of the benefit as possible and be free to use them as they were intended.

Project fees start at £500* and we offer a range of flexible charging structures with discounts and tailored training for businesses with multiple project needs.

*All fees are quoted exclusive of VAT

Interested – please call us on 01786 860686 or email us at


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