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Updated: Jul 5, 2020

Furasta - Specialist Tax Consultancy

FurastaHUB is an on-line platform dedicated to supporting accountants, tax advisors, surveyors and other professionals in making capital allowances and related tax claims.

It puts Furasta’s tax consultancy expertise at your fingertips, places you in control of the capital allowances claims process and enables you to offer a more seamless service to your clients. It employs an easy-to-use interface and is fully supported by Furasta’s team.

Construction contracts are not designed for tax purposes. What qualifies for tax relief is often hidden amongst other non-qualifying building costs and whenever a business incurs expenditure, advisors need to identify and segregate the costs into the correct constituent parts.

What expenditure qualifies can also be difficult and complex to navigate as the tax rules can treat combinations of trades, property and project types differently.

The system employs a user-friendly interface to guide users through the items that qualify in their particular business and project with helpful tips and guidance.

  1. Users can record costs, relevant project details and upload back-up documentation (e.g. photographs, drawings, costs etc.) to provide an audit trail and supporting evidence for any claim.

  2. To help with collaboration the system contains built-in delegation functions which allow you to assign multiple items for completion by in-house or external suppliers.

  3. Once you have entered the data, the project is submitted for review to one of our experts who will discuss the results with you in detail. If you are happy, a detailed report will be generated which can be used to support any claim made in tax return computations.

  4. You are free to access, and download reports any time and if you wish, keep everything stored on the system for as long as you require (e.g. to meet self-assessment record requirements).

For further details please head over to FurastaHUB or feel free to get in touch.


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