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Enterprise Zones

Updated: Jul 5, 2020

Enterprise Zones are designated areas across England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland that provide tax breaks and Government support. These are not to be confused with the Enterprise Zones of the 1980s, these offer a range of more targeted potential benefits, as follows:

  1. Up to 100% business rate discount worth up to £275,000 per business over a 5-year period

  2. Simplified local authority planning, for example, through Local Development Orders that grant automatic planning permission for certain development (such as new industrial buildings or changing how existing buildings are used) within specified areas

  3. Government support to ensure that superfast broadband is rolled out throughout the zone, and, if necessary, public funding

  4. 100% enhanced capital allowances (tax relief) to companies making large investments in certain plant and machinery (P&M) in Assisted Areas (subject to receipt of other state aid and an overall single project cap of €125m).

Businesses that locate on sites from the first round of Enterprise Zones in 2012 must have done so before March 2018 to be able to access business rate reliefs. For new Zones starting in April 2016, they will need to have located onto the Zone before March 2021 to qualify.

In recognition of the business rates discounts not all areas offer enhanced capital allowances and it is important to check with the local enterprise partnership to confirm exactly what benefits are offered to make meaningful comparisons.

England There are currently 48 Enterprise Zones in England and full details can be found here.

Wales There are currently 8 Enterprise Zones in Wales and full details can be found here.

Scotland There are currently 17 Enterprise Zones in Scotland and full details can be found here.

Northern Ireland There is currently 1 Enterprise Zone in Northern Ireland and full details can be found here.


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