Unlock the value in your work

If your business has spent money on property for use in its trade, invested in process or technological innovation, or carried out site regeneration there is a good chance it will be entitled to one of the UK governments targeted tax incentives. At Furasta Consulting we can help you plan, quantify, report and negotiate claims with HM Revenue & Customs and the Valuation Office Agency. As an independant specialist we are used to working alongside accountants and existing tax teams (in-house and in-practice) to ensure results are incorporated efficiently and accurately.


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Tailored and innovative technical advice

Sometimes all you need is peace of mind that your claim assumptions are correct and reasonable which is why we provide on call support to accountants, solicitors and tax advisors. We also help design in-house claim systems, negotiate claims with HMRC and the Valuation Office Agency, provide technical training, due diligence, financial estimates and planning support.

Independent Project Review

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Get our expertise on your team

Relax we have your back. We will work with you to get the right level of tax allowances for your project circumstance and business needs. We will never take an overtly aggressive stance and will always discuss the claim basis (including methodology and working assumptions) at every stage of the process to make sure you are happy and comfortable.  HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) are familiar with our claim formats, therefore compliance checks (including concessions) are rare.

Online Claim Analysis

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Simple and quick claim analysis

Our unique capital allowances platform FURASTAHUB has been designed for the most common and straight forward construction projects. It brings our clients into the heart of the capital allowances claims process and enables a more active and dynamic involvement from start to finish. With white labelled report options it is also available for direct use by other professionals (e.g. accountants, surveyors and tax advisers).